#100days100scenes: Mistaken Identity ka Game bajaonga

Andaz Apna Apna is a watershed in Indian comedy. One because it starred two upcoming stars Aamir and Salman before they became mega ( in a similar vein as Chupke Chupke) . Second it was a movie that took itself so non seriously that it flopped at the box office when it was released. I remember when the movie was released it promoted only its songs that was also kept deliberately old fashioned reminiscent of the ghoda ghadi music of Naushad. So people did not even realize its a comedy movie. To add to it , it was made by a director Rajkumar Santoshi who made action dishoom dishoom movies in the past and the title was very generic. It later became a comedy cult classic and its dialogues now adorn T-shirts as popular lingo.

Rajkumar Santoshi apparently was inspired by Tom and Jerry cartoons to show the game of one-upmanship between Aamir and Salman with two differing styles one over smart and one seemingly not so smart. He then added so many different characters especially the Junior Ajit and Robert combination to give us a new era of jokes and the comically dangerous crime master Gogo.

The movies dialogues permeated into everyday life far more than even Sholay in my opinion. If you have a good friend every time you share something with him ' you would have said do dost 1 by 2 ka soup piyenge , isse dosti badthhi hai' . If you are having rum discussing each others love life you would have said "Gum ka saathi rum". If you cracked a campus interview ' it was unke ek sawal mere do jawab, sawal , jawab' . Even now if you want to apologize you say ' Galte se mistake ho gaya.'Ye jhakaas was when you had the answers that others did not.

Its tough to choose one scene from the movie, but I think what made the movie epic was the 'Game bajana' part and the whole screenplay around kaccha khiladi and so on. As soon as Paresh Rawal lands as the villainous twin brother in this drama, it reaches another level with the whole game reference with patte bicchane hai and his reference to the stars as 'paplu taplu'. The movie also has a lot of nested loops or what I call as d/dx based on differential calculus. For instance Viju Khote plays the dumb assistant even in Sholay and he is Robert in Andaz Andaz Apna. Lot of time the movie references other movies especially Sholay.  The movie is  sheer incredulous slapstic nirvana  but the dialogues are so intelligently humorous that you need to watch the movie a couple of times to enjoy all aspects.

When you have scenes like Amar Prem going with Rs.8000 on a moped when the asked Ransom was Rs.50 lakhs, it shows that this was probably the first out and out comedy by design. The movie after this scene goes into pure mania resulting in a supremely hilarious climax.