#100days100scenes : the inferiority complex and self deprecatory humour

Staying on the master satirist Sreenivasan and his ability to play characters with an inferiority complex, the movie thats a delight to watch in this genre is Vadakkunokkiyantram that was also directed by Sreenivasan marking his directorial debut. 

In this movie , the husband is plagued by an inferiority complex because his wife is taller and fairer than him. Although she has accepted him whole heartedly , he continues to suspect and tries to show off at every given opportunity when he feels compared with someone.  He becomes so self conscious about everything that he picks imaginary fights with everyone. His insecurity knows no bounds. Even when his wife is admiring Mohanlal in a movie, he says everything is makeup and he had a chance in movies but he rejected that since movie industry is an inherently fake and cheap industry. The reason I have this scene and movie is the absolute confidence of a writer-actor-director like Sreenivasan to do self-deprecatory humour , something never done so easily in a nation filled with egos. 

The best scene in the movie is this one where the c
ouple are trying to take a photograph in that friendly neighbourhood photo studio (the scene above).. The comedy is all in the priceless expressions that only Sreenivasan can carry off. First he douses his face in powder to look fairer and then at the last moment when the photo is being taken , he just manages to jump up at the last minute. He then dislikes his wife enjoying the movie and the star Mohanlal , so he disrupts it by creating a fight with the person sitting behind alleging he was touching his wife. Next morning he tries to say that actors are all alcoholics and have many bad habits. His wife smiles at his childishness. All subtly done.