#100days100scenes: how strongly do we want to change India?

Rang de Basanti raised a lot of tough questions. Are we as youth so disenchanted and frustrated with our country and given up ? As Siddharth says in this movie - Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta and wants to go abroad to study.  Are there parts in India , where traditional thinking cannot be changed since they have been ghettoized even in modern cities - where distrust between communities is so high that it doesnt let a fair and open access to education and economic opportunities, At one level while we sing the praises of our armed forces, is there corruption even at the highest levels when it comes to issues of national interest - like compromosing the lives of Airforce pilots to achieve political or personal outcomes through corrupt buying practices.

While we won independence through predominantly non violent means, have we taken that approach too far? Is taking law into ones hands an inevitable fallout since we have been pushed to do it? Has anything changed after Nirbhaya or killing of Jessica Lal for the whatsup on whatsapp generation? Is our nation's greatness a romanticized idea that we pick up from a past and seek only an individual good future not collective growth.

Is it a foolish idea to get into politics and clean the system? Why should anyone join the army for this nation ? Do we really have a strong desire to change India as individuals?

This is a brilliant scene from Rang De Basanti that provides a good commentary on these choices that face the youth and their ability to either rationalize with it or do something.

Siddharth is an absolute scene stealer in this movie, his face showing that anguish and frustration about nothing is going to change is brilliant.

Love this dialogue - since we have one leg in the past and one leg of a dreamy future, we are pissing on the present.


Galli Ka kutta Bhi nahi baukega hamare maut pe. Bas the end Ka style alag hai.