#100days100scenes: Singham of all cops

The best scenes in moviedom involve a tough as nails cop taking on the evil villains with bravura, smarts and machismo. From Dirty Harry to Lethal Weapon Die Hard we enjoy these movies. Of course in parallel you also have the breed of intelligence officers/ spies/ agents who lead impossible missions and come out on top with the help of sophisticated gadgets and all knowledgeable hackers.

But think of the cop as the feature phone of moviedom. They have more talk time than think time. They have radio signals rather than internet signals. They have to carry a lot of weight of a weak team and cannot crack like glass in front of criminals.

In Indian movies, the khaki uniform can be compared to the unremovable kavach (armour) of Karna that forms a bond between duty, mind and body like none other making the upright police officer the noblest soul in a quagmire of corruption. Hence Indian cop movies have that mix of swagger and justness that make them irresistible. And in the best cop movies,

The best cop movie that captures that is Singham. A mass action vehicle designed for Suriya fans the movie had crackling dialogues with villains and superiors. And Suriya played this with such intensity and ferocity that the movie set the pulse racing. There are cops and there is DuraiSingham.

Following the Thakur template ( I dont have to be a cop to earn a living, I have my ancestral crops), watch Duraisingam operate without having the fear of being fired . Also drawing parallels between his name Singham and the lion and the 3 lions that adorn the Ashoka Chokra, this is a dialogue that you can cherish for a long time.