#100days100scenes: badass pandey

Just like Sanjay Dutt was born to play Munnabhai, Salman Khan was born to play Chulbul Pandey.

Chulbul Pandey is once in a lifetime character written in Indian cinema, creating a cop who was corrupt but likeable because like Robinhood, he takes the money from the rich , puts it in the protection fund to protect the poor. He doesnt mince words , has a flair for pulling peoples leg but can break them if required.

By keeping the setting very UP where harami, kaminey, chor are survival strategies or personality development modules , Chulbul Pandey blended into the environment like a natural chameleon who changed colours based on who was talking to him.

The best part of the movie that it never took itsself serriously but neither was it an unabashed star vehicle. It seemed natural yet provided seeti maar moments. Taking the small town South Indian  template  that are simple vendetta movies with over the top action sequences with the tadka of the UP language and the persona of Salman Khan , the movie was dhaba time.

Love this sequence of dialogues with chaubeji and pandeyji.