#100days100scenes: the angry young man persona

The Angry Young Man 

No Indian cop series can be complete without referencing Zanjeer. Marking Amitabhs first entry as an angry young man where the intensity , the voice, his lanky yet determined physicality and the quick movements combine to create an impact that was unseen on Indian cinema.

The earlier actors took too much time nodding or waving whereas Vijay whether he played cop or otherwise was always quicker and meant business. Zanjeer was offered to all these earlier stars - Raaj Kumar, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna and Deve Anand, before falling on the lap of the man who had shown in a previous movie called Bombay to Goa that when he lands a punch , he punches with the determination of the guy who knows he is punching above his body weight.

Indian cinema changed forever after Zanjeer. What Amitabh brought to the table , yes pun definitely intended if you can guess the scene I am going to talk about, was that ability to connect with you at an emotional level - in Zanjeer he is plagued by the nightmare he gets of his parents death, he was decidedly different - he was deep, contemplated ,sure of himself without a swagger yet conflicted by his emotion -  somewhat of a Batmanish trait  that went unnoticed since no one analyzed it that way. Either a smart or serendipitious manner, Amitabh let his body language do the talking rather than his lanky body.

And that body language is very clear in this scene , on how Amitabh Bachchan without the physique towers over a Pathan and that too played by Pran , a master at carrying himself.  And incidentally Pran was paid more than Amitabh's remuneration for this movie.

Watch in minute 1 the kick of the chair. Watch the simmering intensity from minute 2 onwards, that determined walk,.