Officer Teaser review: Intriguing Teaser but will the plot have sufficient layers?

Officer Teaser Review Nagarjuna and RGV unite after 25 years 

The biggest question to someone who grew up in the 80s in India is will RGV ever come back to the days he gave us Shiva, Satya, Ab Tak Chhapan or atleast a Sarkar ?

He will never be able to give us a Rangeela because he refuses to give space to the others craftsmen who make a movie memorable. The actors intensity to do something different, the script writer, the choreographer , the cinematographer. He has made himself without the company of master craftsmen. 

So what he is left with is his astute sense of how a crime drama should be made. This is what we are still wondering. There are others who are already helming crime masala dramas better than him - Puri Jagannadh and AR Murugadoss in Tamil. So the question is does he have it? 

In Officer - he gets back an A+-grade Actor Nagarjuna - the man whom he started his journey in Shiva. They are re-uniting after 25 years!! 

He is going back to Telugu cinema a comfort factor . But the movie is still set in Mumbai - his favourite crime haunt. The  title of the movie and Nagarjuna can give it an India wide release also 

He is making it emotional by having a father-daughter relationship. This is new for a RGV crime movie because in his crime movies recently the emotions were zero. So he is playing it safe

He is introducing a new face as a diabolical villain. He is banking heavily on this movie. 

The movies tagline - Cops were never so scary creates intrigue.  Is he creating a mega hero out of Nags ? It seems too much of hero worship which is not the case usually in RGV movies. When I first read the tagline I thought it was cops mixed up with criminal but after hearing the dialogues it was clear that Nags was the Cop. 

For the Cop to succeed, he will need a great plot with lot of characters, tough situations and suspenseful chases. Some parts of the trailer look like any other masala movie - especially the depiction of the villains haunt. 

Trailer is good, picture abhi baaki hai. Can RGV zoom in?