Hey Jude Review: Nivin and Trisha keep this coming of age movie refreshing

Hey Jude Malayalam Movie Review

Hey Jude is a Malayalam movie starring Nivin Pauly , Trisha Krishnan. Siddique and Vijay Menon play their respective fathers. The movie revolves around these people. 

When I first saw the trailer of the movie, as a big Trisha Krishnan fan I wanted a Jessie type performance.  Yes she is refreshing and is a key reason of the plot moving. 

Hey Jude is not about Trisha, Its about the titular protagonist Jude played by Nivin Pauly. Jude has Aspergers syndrome but his parents do not recognize it. He is a mathematical genius but is socially awkward and does not understand grey areas. The best scenes are between Jude and his father Siddique who runs an antique shop that dupes foreign tourists to buy ordinary items of Kerala at high prices. There is a scene where Siddique is convincing a foreigner to buy an urn and he says that only one is left  only to see Jude bringing an entire set of them. 

The first hour of Hey Jude sets up the family really well. There are many scenes between the family members - Jude asking for a crisp dosa and how he irritates them with his fears and asks. His sister Andrea and his mother are also fed up of his bizarre behaviour. 

Hey Jude is a Malayalam movie based on Aspergers Syndrome and Bipolar disoder of the lead pair Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan

You completely feel for Jude when his colleagues set him up for failure and he has to leave the company. He is amazingly intelligent but he is not like everyone else. Nivin Pauly is sensational in this role with his mannerisms , his body language, he nails it. 

Siddique who usually plays a glaring villain is delightful in Hey Jude. He manages to be a father and a shrewd money minded businessman with equal ease.

So where is Trisha? Siddique and his family have move to Goa for a short while to collect the family property left behind by his aunt. A part of the property has been leased to Trisha's father and they leave a very chilled out life compared to  the serious Siddique family.

Trisha plays Crystal , someone who runs a bar in Goa and is also part of a band that keeps practising. She helps Jude live life freely, removes the social awkwardness in him and befriends him. Her father Sebastian diagnoses Jude's problems and realises he is a mathematical wizard and wins cricket bets. ( This part though far fetched goes well with the movie). He encourages Crystal also to help Jude embrace his love for scuba diving.

While she appears as the fresh butterfly she has her own problems and is bipolar. It is apparent when she breaks down badly when Jude does not turn up for her birthday.  Now this part of the story which is Trisha's side is not so well developed because the director does not have time for it. He spent far too much time developing Jude. So you dont feel as much for Crystal as you feel for Jude. However Trisha plays her part well and looks like a girl even though she is now almost 35.

While they handhold him, Siddique thinks they are using his son to not vacate the property and that leads to a lot of confusion. The movie ends well and shows the coming of age of Jude and the family recognizing him for his talents.