Tu Hai Mera Sunday movie review: Creates its own space

Tu Hai Mera Sunday movie review

Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a movie by a Mumbaikar for others. Its a city where 20 mn+ people jostle for a life, some live it in a skyscraper in Mahalaxmi , some live it in a chawl in Mahim, and some live it in middleclass suburbs of Mulund and so on. But its a jostle for space - both within, interpersonal, intersociety and in the city. The movie manages to capture all these jostles but at the same time having a decently engaging narrative with characters that are reasonably well etched. 

The movie starts with a gang of 5 who love playing football on a Sunday. that day in Mumbai everyone seems to have that extra time for what they cant do in the rut of the previous 6 days. 
The characters are engaging the mild mannered MBA Arjun Barun Sobti , gave up a corporate career to be genuine and nice . He keeps saying to the women he meets as 'Accha aadmi hoon' almost like a character certificate. However he is not so constrained by the space since he has not moved out from his sisters place. He is comfortable and the most at peace. 

Shahana Goswami as his potentially interesting love interest , is Kaveri, a creative director in an agency who is also managing her father who suffers from some variant of Parkinsons that is never mentioned.  She wants a normal life like other women but does have the space. 

Vishal Malhotra has not been given enough space as a Goan Christian somehow trying to eke out a living but keeps getting compared to his brother. His aging mom wants him to get married. This Dominic is frustrated like how Albert Pinto was a few decades back. Again this movie has very neatly captured the Goan Catholic household and nailed it really well. 

Others include the trademark Parsi who is max frust since he is not able to patao a girl in his office and sends nasty letters to his boss. He needs more than space but to really find his confidence. There are others like Jayesh Bhai who want an escape from the family drudgery . Rashid rounds up the character mix as a not so trademark Muslim . His is an interesting mix , he stays in a 1 room kholi that has rats in them. 

How all these tracks are entwined in a simple premise - these guys get together every Sunday to play football but cannot find the space because football was banned by a politician on Juhu beach where they play. 

Again the movie doesnt overcook the story, it leaves certain part kaccha , certain parts juicy. It could have been more direct , but it takes the lighter touch. However its very Mumbai at heart , and you cant wonder why a city with such vigour keeps running out of space and why will it not implode. Similarly none of us need to implode like the cameo by Joy Sengupta ( playing the over achiever who just cracks one day) if we all find that perfect combination of inner and outer space with people whom we like being with. If not do a Goa trip , and the force will come to you ! 

Overly Simplistic at 2 stars, but 3 stars for the Mumbai part and 3.5 stars for creating a space as a first time film maker Mr. Milind Dhaimade.