#100days100scenes: Audacious Khiladi

Moving from one action scene of the 70s to another one to the 90s. 

 India’s answer to Jackie Chan – Akshay Kumar had a roaring period in the 90s where his chiselled looks, his off screen affairs and ability to do stunts on his own made sure that there was one dare devil action scene in most of his movies. Producers eager to cash into this used to ensure that they have the word Khiladi in the movie title signaling both the star power and genre.  

 Sabse Bade Khiladi  was one of the several movies made with Akshay Khiladi Kumar using the title Khiladi in its title. A tightly written script with several twists and turns due to a double role from Akshay and amazing performances from the steady hands Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Gulshan Grover, the movie although under rated had a phenomenal action sequence at the end. 

After marriage he never performed these dare devil stunts since he moved to the comedy genre. He plays stunts on your mind with vapid movies like Singh is Bling. Anyway enjoy the pure adrenalin action scene performance from really the Sabse Bada Khiladi. 

Scene description. 
Akshay Kumar has to produce someone in court to prove his innocence, so he is in hot pursuit of the villain who has escaped in a car to catch a chartered plane to get him out of the country.  He follows the car  on a bicycle !! and gets to the airport. At the airport , his partner gets a helicopter to follow the car, Akshay in one swift motion, gets into the helicopter from the bicycle and then follows the car from the helicopter, jumps onto the car and catches the villain. Watch out for the scene where Akshay jumps from the helicopter  , it comes up 3 times from different angles to show no duplicate was used. 

Legendary stuff from the 90s.