#100days100scenes: Dying spectacularly

Indian movies have a way of portraying death as an event that the man dying can alert his family members, wave at neighbours , give his son some final words of wisdom , say those words to his wife that she will carry his wishes to her grave, climb 50+ steps of a temple and sometimes even evade policemen. Ten minute of pre-death time in Indian cinema is like ten TED talks . The ability of the actor to hold his death at bay through dramatic action is like a radioactive isotope that can predict its own decay rate and stay that course.

Every actor is also known by the death scenes he leaves behind for posterity. For instance Chunky Pandey died more times than as an actor rather than finding love ( none of his death scenes matter though). However for actors like Amitabh Bachchan starting with Sholay and Deewar all the way to Aakhri Raasta , death scenes are a measure of their acting prowess.

However the death scene of Deewar has a striking resemblance to this scene from Ganga Jamuna. The "He" used by Dilip Kumar in this scene could be where SRK got his inspiration from.
This scene is probably the beginning of hamming in Indian cinema .