Bucket List Review: Fulfils Madhuris Bucket List not the viewers

Bucket List Review

Like the title of the movie and it’s content , we seem to be part of Madhuri Dixits sorry Nene’s bucket list to do a Marathi movie without compromising on role quality, production house and impact. Playing a Marathi housewife with picture perfect ease in the richer surroundings of Prabhat Road Pune is not really a difficult role for Madhuri in a well funded production. The movie is less a movie but a Long Aamhi Tumche Aahot( Hum Aapke hi hai ) warm welcome to Madhuri in Marathi cinema. It’s not gritty , it’s not sentimental , it’s not layered enough across any domain. Actors of Dilip Prabhavalkars capability are given lesser footage as the upholstery of the house. 

It tries to paint anything grim with a glossy finish. Firstly Madhuri has a heart transplant , and of course seems to have recovered fast. She the housewife last seen in the era where Madhuri dominated, supremely family focused - makes 4 versions of the dish even though the house is rich enough to have a maid.   She then discovers the donor and realises that she was a livewire who had made a bucket list. She is probably not so well read, so does not know what a bucket list and has to ask her teenage daughter about it.

Then she goes about trying to live and complete the bucket list. The only moments that have some depth where the brother of the donor has a feeling that she is trying to take his place and does not approve of her intentions. However Renuka Shahane as the donors mother is open and encouraging. ( This is interesting how time changes everything - when Renuka and Madhuri shared screen space in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Shahane could have made it big, now she looks so different almost uncrecognizable) 

While there is some fun in how Madhuri achieves the bucket list, its not really a tough ride. The fun parts are when she goes to the pub and tries to pull of an Amitabh drunken act that goes viral.

The other real part is the role played by her husband Sahil Raghavan in an absolute class act. He just expects Madhuri to follow the unwritten rule of do whatever you want so long as it what the family wants. Even the breakdown moment between him and Madhuri does not have the chemistry or sentimentality because its a Madhuri movie. She stands separate from the cast , the untouchable diva who has returned to Marathi cinema and even her costars have to hold her in awe.

Thats the problem with the movie, its a Madhuri movie. Even she is called Madhura in the movie. And unfortunately it does not have enough of the English Vinglish or Mom type moments of Sridevi's comeback movies for Madhuri to also outperform.

Hence the movie fulfils Madhuri's Bucket List of doing a Marathi film. Neither is it realistic nor does it test anyone sufficiently enough despite having good talented actors.