Sonu ke titu ki sweety : Bro opera that wins

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Review 

Luv Ranjan's franchise from Pyaar Ka Punchnama , has stayed true to its  premise and core audience.
It was always about 'frust' (frustrated) guys without a girlfriend or worst case even feminine company at a group level. And whenever they meet a girl or try to get cosy they will look like cheap or chep ( sticky) or when the girl is spectacularly attractive they will drop their jaws and lose their brains as well. 

.. It institutionalized the bro adage that going after women for the sake of finding someone just results in overall unhappiness. It never equals the 'lukkha'ness of being with your bro friends and chilling out over beer on sofas.  So you will have a tough time devoting time between your bros vs your new found love. 

Thats when the real trouble starts - guys would like to have no problems in life, girls are a problem and girls have a problem if there is no problem in the guys life. 

While so called high brow critics like Anupama Chopra may find this misogynist , any boy who has hung out more with boys rather than girls will relate to this problem.

In the third part of the franchise - Sonu Ke Titu ke Sweety - Luv Ranjan makes the tradeoffs more pronounced. So here Titu and Sonu are best of friends . Sonu had lost his parents at an early age and literally is part of Titu's family - a true bro.  Sweety enters Titu's life as an alliance using the arranged marriage route. She seems too good to be true since she even arranges a Jaagrata at the potential in laws life even before mariage. How Sonu fights the new girl in Titus life and saves him from her manipulative behaviours is the crux of the story. 

Where the movie succeeds 

1. Kartik Aryan breathes life into Sonu and so does Nusrut Bharucha in a vampish one ( look how I am already manipulated to believing she is evil by Sonu) . Sunny as Titu is also believable. 
2. The unique characters in Titu's household starting with the Non Sanskari patriarch - Alok Nath who swears and drinks. Its a great spin on his off screen character 
3. The situations in  the first half are well written and the humour is good. Overall the novelty of the movie works - because it shows the reality from the lukkha mans side - the lament that girls tend to be control freaks is a real emotion.  

Where the movie is weak 

1. Post second half , it becomes more like a TV show with Sonu and Sweety staring at each other with close ups 
2. The end is overly melodramatic  and some parts of the movie like the Amsterdam trip are a stretch
3. While Sweety is shown to be manipulative, there is no clarity on what her family background is 

The reason why the first Pyar Ka Punchnama was enjoyable because the guys seemed normal middle class people. But here Sonu and Titu are from an industrialist family of halwais who have turned into an upmarket Ghasitaaz.  Although that simplicity does not exist here and  the budgets have gone up to Rs. 40 Crore from Rs.7 Crore, the comedy is still intact and the earnestness of the cast keeps it from failing.

But what has remained true is to show the plot from the guys lens - that the urge to find a girl and settle down may not be as rosy or sweet as one would think.  And finding a girl to settle down after a failed attempt to have a girlfriend is even worse.