#100days100scenes : the Vijay we seek

The Vijay Persona and what it means for us 

Nobody has represented the collective angst of a nation like Amitabh Bachchan, every punch of dishoom dishoom  had a few knuckles of anti-establishment gripe. In fact the University of Iowa talks of dishoom dishoom as a word coined to create the sound of Bachchan slamming someones face. So true , Such power of Cine Maa.

Angst came first because the double whammy of low rate of growth and endemic corruption of the license raj in the late 70s  had made the vast population of India raise deep questions about its future. A decade of working class agitations as the labour unions fought with the industrialists and the small scale industries act had resulted in low scale that kept prices high and fostered deeper economic divide. 

This was a society where Simi Garewal told Amitabh Bachchan in Namak Haraam " Aaj ke samaaj mein imaandar hokar koi bhi crorepati nahi ho sakta” ( in todays society nobody can become a multimillionaire by being honest").  

Or as he himself famously said in Deewar after taking the life of crime to his police inspector brother "Uff tumhare ussool, tumhare adarsh ... kis kaam ke hai tumhare ussool ... tumhare saare ussoolon ko goond kar ek waqt ki roti nahi banayi ja sakti" ( Values are useless since they cant provide for food) 

Angst against the system was the only feeling you grew up with in India before you heard of CPU and its processing power.  

In this morbid state of affairs, entered Vijay. Vijay although a screen name that was used by Amitabh Bachchan for both good and bad characters ,in my own psychobollywoodization of everything, its a metaphor for a 'breakout'. An innovative strategy before the word even existed. Vijay even if he was on the other side of the law, had an inner compass that give him a higher moral ground over other villains.  Angst evaporated when Vijay did dishoom dishoom. 

And no movie epitomized this metaphor than a movie called Trishul. Trishul had everything that you would want in a 70s blockbuster with a perfect starcast with Sanjeev Kumar playing RK Gupta a real estate baron/industrialist and Amitabh playing the step son.  Directed by Yash Chopra it was a family drama of a step son who finally finds his way back to his fathers family after becoming a businessman on his own terms. It had a Salim Javed script. Salim Javed are very much iconic in the way they sustained the 70s Indian masala template. Mother-son bonding , lost families in the incessant droughts/ floods/melas or in a more economic way - urban migration that get reunited,  fiery dialogues, good vs evil / crime doesnt pay/ love is all around us.  

This was the movie that also firmly put the 'self-made' entrepreneur as a Bollywoodian possibility before Infosys and Startup India.  In those days, , Maa ka Ashirwad for your true calling was more important than seed funding.  If you forget Maa ka Ashirwad , you cannot define the company's core values. This famous template was carried on till 2001 , when Reliance Industries launched their CDMA service with an ad where the famous Sehwag ki Maa calls him to give Ashirwad. 

Startup India is different because most moms dont use apps, so their ashirwad comes with immense business model skepticism. Generational divide or digital divide, only time will tell.

Coming back to cinematic magic, nothing can beat this power packed combination of an aggressive Bacchan baritone, super hit dialogue,the  intensity and that unique seething anger of India's angry young man. 
Watch out for business lessons of a lifetime - door openers, deal making , ethics, leverage ,employee management and also what to say to mentors in networking parties...  When you have to win a big deal, just zone out and watch this for 10 minutes.  They definitely dont teach this at Harvard or IIMs. 

Scene Description
Vijay detonates dynamite like Diwali crackers. On being asked why he is not afraid of death
"Jisne pachees baras apni maa ko har roz thoda thoda marte dekha ho ... usse maut se kya darr lagega" ( for someone who has seen his mother die everyday a little, how can he be afraid of death) 

Scene 2 

Vijay is desperate to meet RK Gupta to buy his troubled land. Finally gets his way through. 
Mujhse paanch minute na milkar ... aapne apna paanch lakh ka nuksaan kar diya hai ( By not meeting me you could have lost 5 lakhs)  

When RK Gupta ridicules his business sense and comments that you seem to be a spoilt kid sitting on a inherited chair  Mere paas apne baap dada ki daulat ki nahi ek pai hai, aur nahi mujhe chahiye ... mere paas agar kuch hai toh apni maa ka diya hua aashirwaad. Main paanch lakh ka sauda karne aaya hoon ... aur meri jeb mein paanch phooti kaudiyaan bhi nahin hai

( Neither do I have my parents wealth and nor do I want it, What I have are my mothers blessings. I have come to make a deal of 5 lakhs without a single cent in my pocket)