Forgotten players -- baba sehgal

In the content starved era of late 80s and early 90s... There was one man who stood with a machine gun in his mouth to conquer two emerging industries at the same time - the indipop genre that was slowly changing from its untouchable 'pari Ho main' status to mass market hysteria driven by Alisha chinai, etc and the TV countdown show that was a precursor to the MTV era on a new channel created by Doordarshan ( yes that solitary reaper in our bundle of entertainment) called DD was almost poetic that MTV had to pay for a 2 hr slot on this channel to show Madonna...
Enough history, Now back to baba sehgal who proudly proclaimed woh bhi hai Madonna... Baba sehgal created a sub genre called - Hinglish rap that he made it his own with a ripoff from ice ice baby called dil dhadke with a sensuous pooja bedi video that was a chart buster ..

The man was a one man entertainment machine and the TV show ' superhit muqabla' took his stardom to astonishing mere mortals like me this was our first exposure to a countdown show where we grew up from our chitrahaar roots and we just lapped it up - Vjs, songs, voting by snail mail et al ...' tiki tiki tai tai at tum pump' was his 'entry line' to his show and he just ran amok running this show with other anchors like krutika desai...He typified fun, energy and certain level of madness .. And this muqabla gave a natural vehicle to his music albums that he kept belting... The biggest one being the madcap Manjula...Lekar aayo hi mein baaja.. Manjula.. With a freaky video with flying doctors etc... pure delight... Some videos were Unforgettable ..'peecha Karo ' where baba is riding a toy motorcycle become more forgettable when baba crooned ' kapurthala se laya hoon main orange Kurta peela pajama' and his stint as a hero in miss a span of 6-7yrs he had done it all with a cool haircut, unique style and punju energy..

Those were the times when Hindi film
Music could never cross paths with indipop.. Because variety of singing never mattered when you were subject to a constant barrage of Kumar Sanu - alka Yagnik' duets . If you wanted variety you can get ' udit Narayan or kavita krishnamurthy' and if you are really unlucky 'the grand old lataji' ...

It took one man to change all that -- a young man from Chennai called Ar Rahman ... Rahman experimented with so many new voices in his first 4 years that many aspiring singers got their due.. The best confluence of this trend and the potential of baba sehgal can be found in the song 'rukmani rukmani ' in roja... However since the Hindi mainstream music industry was filled with average music directors who had never graduated beyond the peti(harmonium) and tabla, an opportunity was lost and only Sudesh bhosle got away singing boisterous songs for Ab. Imagine if baba sehgal sang something like Jumma chumma..

The potential is still live and kicking in the south where baba recently sang for hits like singham, gabber Singh(Telugu remake of dabangg) ... He may not be kl saigal but Baba Sehgal was r evolutionary in his own right ...the guy had guts to say ' na aariya hai na jaariya hai bas khada khada khujariya hai' on dd metro..he later released an album by the same name!! He redefined entertainment in the 90s and hope he springs a surprise at some pt...

Some great videos