JTHJ - simmers but never boils

The king of romance Yashji had an amazing quality in him-- he could weave modernity in his love stories yet stay very rooted to the core emotions that drive it. Be it Vijay's relation with a hooker in deewar where he wants to get married in the temple, extra marital affairs in silsila, obsessiveness in darr, the dilemma in lamhe to marry ones ex-lovers daughter etc. Add to it the role of god in decision making( ganeshji in dtph) , distances ( veer zaara) seeking parental approval ( jaa simran Jee le apni jindagi) , leaving everything to be with the guy who can love you like no other..the screenplay of JTHJ has all these now famous elements that define a candy floss romance, it has the generational gap parts that questions modern day love where Anushka Sharma defines the 21 something generation as couples who sleep first and then try for love.

Then he has the man who holds out his arms time and again to swoon damsels off their feet.. SRK... King khan is in sublime form in this movie not a single frame overdone. It's amazing that I was waiting for those nostrils to flare up and it happened so late with an air of dignity that you begin to wonder whether this movie could have been an epic. An ode to all romances.

That's when it falls short... it's almost if a cricketers favorite cover drive eluded him in his last innings..

Katrina Kaif is Meera, a london based Punjabi ( isnt that what yashji is at heart) who keeps making deals with Jesus ( tyypical Yashraj where people pray where the location is good and not according to religion) . She will leave something she loves so that she doesnt have to do something she hates. Jesus almost plays a central role in the movie narrative as the chief arbitrator and most used location. SRK ( Samar ) an odd jobs guy finds her in one of these deal making sessions , he teaches her to live khulke (in some screen scorching step up type dancing moves by Katrina ) and she falls in
Love. She has to say no to the impending marriage and a visit to the mother who left her at 12 to find true love ( Neetu and rishi kapoor in a delightful cameo) resolves any dilemma--' go with the man who will love you truly' and a corollary 'sometimes you can do that only if the time is right and hence waiting is ok'. And how long is this wait forms the rest of the movie and also the audience patience with the trademark formula. (spoilers ahead) So as you can guess SRK meets with a near fatal accident, Katrina does a bad trade with Jesus ( save him and i will leave him) and SRK tests Jesus daily by becoming a bomb defusing expert who doesn't wear the safety suit in the Indian army carrying his brooding locker of hurts in his heart...

Enter Anushka(Akira) as the discovery channel film maker who falls in love with Samars love story and then with him. Now Anushka tries her stereotype Delhi kudi charms to keep the movie peppy, but SRK wears the uniform with such charm in a very chak de demeanor that we love the Major and we want him to go back to his loving ways in London despite the eye pleasing locales of Kashmir where he defuses more bombs than the boats in dal lake.

Does Samar go back to Meera? Will Meera cancel her deal with Jesus? Will Akira try hard to win in love or reunite them( veer zaara ish ) ?

These questions are answered with some twists, some haunting melodies( saanson mein teri) and good acting.. However the wait for these answers is exasperating because the moments that follow are not impactful , lack of other characters( parents like rishi kapoor and anupam Kher wasted) cripples it further. As a viewer at this stage you go back to all the romantic movies you have watched in your life and ask where are those scenes you want to etch in your mind - a tense karva chauth , a bitter war of words, more emotions at display , essentially some sentiaps.

I wanted this to be an epitaph given Yashjis demise but this turned out to be an elaborate bouquet. Fine ingredients ( Rahman music, anil Mehta cinematography, SRK ) but not the dish that we can eat with our hearts instead of our stomach..


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