Dabangg vs Ready : Essential differences

1. Genre : D is Rustic feudal action drama vs R is urban family romcomish drama. Now in Ready the romcom tapers off very quickly(thank God since Asin is unwatchable as eye candy unlike a Sonakshi) and the family is a caricature thanks to Yakoo Akhilendra Mishra and a hamming Manjrekar.
2. Treatment of Salman: Dabangg had better treatment and presentation of the hero. Pehla nahlooanga ab sabko dhooanga. The key was to capture an action image for Salman after Wanted and then give him a larger than life character in a town setting. Different styling in terms of costumes , everything. Twisted guy for the goons, heart of gold for his apne. Ready is basically the Prem of HAHK who has developed his badmaashi out of home as well. It plays on Salman's innocent face hiding the badmaashi. So Dabangg was a creation whereas Ready is an extension.
3. Story Telling/Narrative: Frankly Dabangg remixed the South style hero presentation with sufficient UP tadka with a decidedly kitsch style. Ready actually has an amalgamtive style that took off from where Welcome had left off . Nothing new here in Ready.
4. Director: Debutante Kashyap in D and Seasoned hand Bazmee in R. Hence there is a lot of
Bad(B)Hazmee everywhere especially the forgetful Hamraker and overhammy Mishra. Even Paresh Rawal seems asylum bound.
5. D released on Eid a Salman special, R is a holiday release.
6. Songs wise D as an album is a complete one, whereas R isnt.
7. Quality of item numbers: Zarine Khan vs Malaika Arora. No debate here.
8. Action choreography - weaker in R , I thought they would do wonders with the rickshaw scene in Thailand but it was a damp squib.
9. Punch Dialogues - weaker in R, I me and myself doesnt compare well with Aisa marenge ki bhool jaoge .....
10. Realism: Unnecessary Bangkok Backdrop in R that is completely irrelevant and just a waste of producers money. shooting in Bhairavpur would have made no difference. Somehow the old world style of Dabangg made Chulbul Pandey plausible compared to a Prem. If Salman was 10 years younger, and did Ready after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, things would have been very different. Little did he know that unknown directors in the South took the HAHK template of soggy family dramas and created a platform for Vijay who then went on to be the action hero that ultimately was remade by Salman in Wanted. Another 10 yr cycle in the Bollywood vs Tollywood idea vs treatment factory.

But who cares about the analysis if we have got enough entertainment!!