Dum Maro Dum... mein dum hai

Rohan Sippy delivered a lot with Bluffmaster, his second outing at Bollywood : the new yuppie cool Abhishek Bachchan, a delicious Piggy Chops with her Say na Say na routine, the fast developing Mumbai forming a good backdrop, one of the best soundtracks by Vishal-Shekhar , slickness, sharp witty dialogues and a good array of actors(Boman,Nana) lending solid support.
(Some self-indulgence my review of Bluffmaster http://booletpoint.blogspot.com/2005/12/bluffmaster-mumbai-udipi.html)
Now Dum Maro Dum doesnt break new ground. It delivers since there has been a drought of good movies thanks to cricket mania. So Rohan Sippy does a few good things. He chooses a very bankable Goa as the backdrop, Jr.Bachchan as a no-nonsense cop , a good writer Sridhar Raghavan and a whodunit theme that can seldom go wrong. The first half is slick with a presentation style that Rohan Sippy seems to have mastered, fast cuts, tight situations, unconventional sequences and smartass short dialogues with a good background score.
He adds a few new faces, Prateik Babbar , Rana Dugabati and an accomplice Mercy ( dont know the actors name) who deliver and some old ones Govind Namdeo who also deliver . Bipasha sticks out as a sore thumb, I dont know if its her acting or complete lack of oomph.
Story is simple , Goa needs to be cleaned of the drugs which means to break the political-business-cop nexus. Enter AB and his mean men. Some twists and turns, a few informants, some close encounters and a climax with a Deepika Padukone ditty thrown in. Packaged entertainment , efficient but butt butttt........
If I were to look for benchmark cop movies, I would say Sarfarosh had a better plot , Dhoom 1 had better sophistication/ action and Ab Tak Chhapan had better intrigue/drama ..Apart from a few terms like susegaad , Goa is just a backdrop beautiful no doubt, but its not integrated as say a Delhi in Rang de Basanti or 99 , it just seeps out when it gets a chance, not even a reference to feni. The songs are a big disappointment even the Dum Maro Dum remix doesnt evoke any buzz in the climax. Abhishek is dependable and manages to engage you, but he still doesnt have the stature to carry off dialogues like 'sirf iska pata batao, baaki sab ke liye google hai'. Thoda aur time lagega Salman banne. Bipasha sleepwalks, Rana Dugbati as her lover is like a Rahul Dravid innings , showing value only when others underpeform and Aditya Panscholi looks stoned rather than steely.
At the end even with a short playing time of 2 hrs , the movie ends abruptly and damply. Like an off season Goa, yes there is the rain and sufficient discounts to lure you in but no carnival in dum maro dum. Huffs puffs ....chalega when there is nothing better!