The drought ends this week !

Finally 2 Hindi movies hit the marquee this Friday. 1 is Bhool Bhulaiyya(BB) and 2 is Laga Chunari Mein Daag (LCMD). Its a close contest between the two. Of course LCMD has got the higher curiosity factor due to a better star cast with Rani, Abhishek and Konkona. Of course we have Jaya Bhaduri who will try to pass off as an actress yet again ! Remember Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum where she welcomed Shahrukh Khan with such a glum expression that he would have wanted to take the same helicopter back. And then of course she matched up with such flawless expressions in Kal Ho Na Ho as well.
LCMD, sounds like school mathematics but has interesting chemistry between the lead pairs, a good director Pradeep Sarkar ( although Parineeta was over rated) and tons of marketing muscle. It also boasts of a good story looking at the promos. But I somehow think it will have a very tear jerky second half. Songs could redeem the movie whenever it lags and there would be powerhouse performance from Rani and Konkona.
Bhool Bhulaiya is a test of star power of one man Akshay Kumar. If he can pull this off, he is undoubtedly the superstar of this year with 3 big hits to his name. Of course for purists who know the original versions of this movie ( Manichitratazhu in Malayalam which was then adapted in Tamil as Chandramukhi starring Rajnikant) , there are a lot of interesting questions. Can Vidya Balan match Shobhana, how will Priyadarsan remake it, what is the mix of comedy and spook he will choose, etc etc. For now the promos make it appear as a comedy keeping in mind Priyadarsan's target market, but the movie could well surprise people who expected to see a full fledged comedy. But in any case , Priyadarsan badly needs to get out of the screwball comedy rut he has got himself into.
But since there has been a good movie drought, even from Hollywood , both films should have great openings due to high expectations. LCMD could have a better opening than BB but then the relative merits will decide how they go forward.
Atlast a weekend to look forward to.