Dhoom 2

In Apna Sapna Money Money, Suniel Shetty as inspector Namane maarofies a cracko dialogue "Jitna tumlog ka TDS katta hai na, utna hi pagaar hota hai policewale ka".

Now cut to Dhoom 2. Ghatkopare se Lee Cooper is cinematic liberty but Armani and Gucci ki bachhi? Thats what irks you at every scene in Dhoom 2. Yes Aditya Chopra mandated that every scene should look so stylish that viewers forget storyline, characterization and the price they paid for the expensive popcorn. Thats the problem with Yash Raj studios. Like a hungry high tide, they try to swamp you with their dirt claiming it to be exciting thrill ride.
Yes it has an ensemble cast. Hrithik and Ash ki jodi. Hrithik as the thief who leaves his initials behind . Ash as his willing basket ball playing accomplice ( these are the scenes just inserted for the cool factor ... two thieves playing basket ball in designer clothes while it is raining). Abhishek is there in the movie just for the continuity claps from Dhoom 1. In fact he looks every inch a chor with his beard. I mean the line between a stubble and a beard is not so thin, right? Bipasha Basu not one but 2. One a Lara Croft type policewoman the other a bikini clad bartender in Brazil. How convenient to write a screenplay.
There is not much to write as a story. Hrithik robs in various disguises, Ash joins him after a heist, Abhishek scratches his stubble and chases, the chimp follows. In case you forgot I am talking about Uday Chopra. To be fair, he is the only guy who provides some comic relief in this movie. Ash looks superhot revealing parts of her anatomy that were earlier locked in ghagras and gowns. Why not have a photoshoot rather than making a movie. But do not be fooled by the Yashraj hype machine to think she lost weight for this movie, it was for her forthcoming English movie with Colin Firth titled the Last Legion.
Lastly Hrithik. Yes sir, you are extremely handsome, have a physique to die for and dance like a dream. But aisa combination to India ne kabhi dekha nahi hai baap. The same reason why you cannot do any normal hero role. You cannot cry at a heroine's marriage begging her to marry you, you cannot look emotional enough for a mom's aarti nor can you look the boy next door who represents the common aspirations of millions of Indians. Better luck as an ambassador of Armani rather than Andheri.